Simple Solar Setup – Less than $200

The hardest part about going offgrid in the beginning is figuring out what to buy when you first start your build. For most, power is always a huge debate. This can either be from energy stored in batteries or from an engine. I chose solar route because it’s a fixed cost once everything is setup, compared to generator where you constantly have a cost for runtime.

A simple solar setup that I have used for everything from running fans, lights, hotspots, charging portable tools and phones. This setup will allow you to have light source at night when walking/building and also provide charge to portable power tools.

80 watt solar panel – $50 (new) – Facebook Market Place

I originally purchase the solar panel new for $50 and was able to fit the solar panel in my trunk with the seats down.

After searching around on Amazon, I found a slightly better deal at $85 for a 100watt solar panel –

Solar generator – $80 (new) – Buy Here

I ordered this from amazon and this is one of the cheaper solar generators that I love to use. I ordered a second one as a backup, because of how much I liked the first one. I’m coming up to the year mark with these two generators soon and they are still holding their charge well.

Solar Cord kit – $20 (new) – Buy Here

I could have received this kit cheaper, but I was in a rush to get to building instead of waiting to get it from a cheaper site for $4-$5.


  • Easy to move locations in any vehicle
  • Cheap entry
  • Easy to setup and use immediately
  • Ports for 5v/12(usb), 12v jack, 120v socket, built-in light.
  • Quiet
  • No maintenance


  • Low wattage output limit
  • Low runtime
  • Price per kW is higher for panel
  • Price per kW is higher for solar generator

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