How I get internet Off Grid

One of the biggest barriers when wanting to do offgrid living or vanlife is being connected to the internet.

When originally searching, everyone was recommending satellite internet or phone hotspot. The problem I was finding with both of them were the following:

  • Satellite, requires a dish and the service price is usually high for limited internet.
  • Phone hotspot, If you need the internet for large downloads while you are doing something else not near your phone, or if someone needs to use your internet while you are away, you need to buy a second phone.


After about a 3 weeks of searching and comparing options. I found from what I believe is the best service around.

The service I use is Calyx. The internet is provided over LTE and through a hotpsot.

The hotpsot I chose was the Linkzone 2.


  • Price is $500 the first year, $400 every year after.
  • Hotspot is included in the initial purchase and doesn’t need to be returned if you switch services.
  • Speeds are good
  • There is no need to tether to laptop for power.


  • Uses Sprint network (You need to be in sprint coverage zone)
  • You are required to use their hotspots of choice only.

After having using the hotspot at my offgrid tinyhouse(still under construction). I can vouch for the service. I have taken google hangout calls( 720P), Zoom calls, watched netflix/youtube and downloaded large files.

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