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3 Must See Places – Seoul

3 Must See Places – Seoul

Wether you are planning a short trip or long trip in Seoul. Here are the top three places that I recommend visiting.


Buckchon Hanok Village
Seoul, Jongno-gu, 계동길 37
Info: Traditional houses from the Joseon Dynasty era.

Buckchon Hanok Village


N Seoul Tower
105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Info: Panoramic view of Seoul from the tower height of 236meters (774 feet)

N Seoul tower view


161 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Info: Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty era. Built in1395.

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Seoul 사진 : Trip May 2014

Seoul 사진 : Trip May 2014

A few pictures from my A7r when I took this trip in May 2014, a little over a month ago at the time of this posting.
The photos here are from when I visited Lotte World, Samsung D’Light, Cheonggyecheon River and Gyeongbok Palace.

DSC06948 (Large)

DSC06949 (Large)

DSC06959 (Large)

DSC06960 (Large)

DSC06963 (Large)

DSC06979 (Large)

DSC06982 (Large)

DSC07142 (Large)

DSC07151 (Large)

DSC07155 (Large)

DSC07174 (Large)

DSC07196 (Large)

DSC07199 (Large)

DSC07204 (Large)

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TNT Fireworks : July 4, 2014

TNT Fireworks : July 4, 2014

I had some TNT fireworks left and my camera, so here are a few photograph that I took.

DSC07294 (Large)

DSC07295 (Large)

DSC07305 (Large)

DSC07308 (Large)

DSC07309 (Large)

DSC07328 (Large)

DSC07332 (Large)

DSC07338 (Large)

DSC07358 (Large)

DSC07374 (Large)

DSC07379 (Large)

DSC07384 (Large)

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Reviews coming soon

Reviews coming soon

Here’s a list of the following items I will be reviewing.
All the following items will be quick reviews. If it has a * beside it, there’s a high chance it will be get a full review.

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Photoshoot: Christinia

Photoshoot: Christinia


Planning to display the best photo and give details of most of my shoots starting with this one to help out other photographers.


GPC – Parking Deck

Sony Nex 6

18-55mm (SEL1855)
50-210mm (SEL50210)
50mm (Canon FD Prime)

Manual Control
Manual Focus
No Flash/strobe

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