Quick Review : Google Drive

Quick Review : Google Drive

About two weeks ago, I recently got a notification about Google drive. Running out of space on Dropbox, I decided to download it and try out a folder upload. Since, I’ve used Dropbox  for a couple of years, I’ll compared it to that.



Overall, I prefer Dropbox for reliability, but Google Drive for speed and space. If you are looking for free cloud space , Google Drive is the better option. You are initially given 15Gbs of space compared to 3GBs that is given to you from Dropbox. Another cool thing about Google Drive is the Web GUI(Graphic User Interface), it’s minimal and fast. The ability to browse through folder and files without having to wait for the page to constantly load is great. When it comes to options, I give Google a +1. There are few options, but to keep this a quick review, I’ll talk about my favorite options. ‘Sync Folder’ is my my favorite, this gives me the ability to choose which folder uploads/downloads inside the Google Drive folder directory. This feature comes in handy when you share a folder to person, but you don’t want them to see the sub-folder until later.

There are a few things though that Google needs to improve on with Google Drive. The number one feature that is missing, that bugs me is the remaining time of the uploads. At first when I was trying out uploading, I overlooked  the ETA of the uploads. When I wanted to tell a model what time she should check the link I pre-sent, I couldn’t because there’s nothing displaying when the photos are going to finish uploading. Another con for me was the inaccurate sync number displayed when updating photos. I shot a fashion show today, and uploaded 200+ jpegs, but Drive displayed ”Syncing 41 of 41″. Last, but not least; the fail to finish uploading. This doesn’t make any sense, but if Google Drive fails to upload two or three photos, the whole upload process is paused. I’m a busy person and I’m not able to constantly check to see if photos are uploading or not, so I’ll pass on using Google Drive for photo’s that are over 100+ in quantity.




Amazing Web GUI

Options(Sync Specific photos)




Cons(Things that aren’t in Google Drive that are in Dropbox):

Transfer speed

Remaining time until upload completes

Skipping failed uploads



Overall, my Verdict.

Google drive is making a come-up the same way Gmail did when it was a requirement for youtube, but I have a feeling Google Drive will catch on faster with users. What will make me use Google Drive more? Adding ETA of uploads, skip files that don’t upload and give notification, display basic info such as transfer speed.

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