Google Glass XE 2.0

Google Glass XE 2.0

What is Google Glass?
Google Glass is a wearable phone accessory. You can record, take pictures, watch videos, and make calls with it.

How does it charge?
Micro-Usb 5V/1A

What are the colors available?
There are five colors:
Charcoal (Black)
Shale (Grey)
Cotton (White)
Tangerine (Orange&Red mix)
Sky (Blue)

Should I get Google Glass now or wait?
-Yes: You have the money + Android/iPhone + DataPlan with 4GB+

What’s the best phone to use?
Any decent(expensive) Android will work. Nexus & Motorola & Samsung are the top phone being used currently.

Can I use an iPhone?
As of update XE12 iPhone is supported

What do I do if I have a Windows Phone?
With a Windows Phone the only option is to tether the device and use your computer to set it up.
I currently use a Lumia 1520 as my hotspot.

How long is the battery life?
This one is tricky question. It all depends on what you are doing and connection.
Camera Recording – 45mins or less
Watching videos on youtube – around 1-2 hours depending on brightness

What’s the best DataPlan?
Currently I use At&T and wi-fi tether. I currently have 3GB, becuase I share 10GB with 3 people. 1GB of comfort.
I notice that I usually use 100mb/day, but that’s before installing any real apps like tumblr, twitter, etc.,.

Where can I get Google Glass?
There are only two options. eBay or Google
eBay: Cost more, and may have been tried on before.
Google: Brand new, guaranteed. You may have to wait a month. (I got lucky, 2 weeks.)

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