Building a Drone!

Building a Drone!

Wait! What? It’s December 2013 and I don’t have a my own drone. That’s the equivalent of not having a smartphone in college these days. Drones aka UAV are flying robots in the form of an aircraft that do not have a human on board. Drones can be remote controlled or autonomous. Military drones have hybrid systems while most home DIY built drones have one system. Designs can range from one propeller up to 20 propellers.

——-My drone (idea)
20min flight time
Hybrid flight(altitude hold)

3.Embed in newer projects.

One propeller drones are usually in the shape of a plane, while a few may take a different approach such as in Japan, where the drone is Spherical.

Typical drones built by civilians or student(unless you attend MIT) are usually in the 3 – 8 propeller range. The names for these multi-copter are the following:
3. Tricopter
4. Quadcopter
6. Hexacopter
8. Octacopter

Pretty easy to remember right?

The more motors you want the more you drone is going to cost. For every motor you need a ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) and motor mount if one is not included. Depending on your quad you will draw 4-20A from a battery pack of 5Amps or less. This means your flight time will decrease as motor Amps increase from a power fixed supply.

6A battery = 6A per hour
If your motor draws 30A, then (6A/30A)(60) = 12mins(Max – Controlled Environment). This is one motor + one battery, if you have 8 motors, then you’ll need 8 battery + 8 esc. Then your cost just went up a few hundred dollars.

So I plan to stay in the 4 motor range for right now.

———–My budget
I planning to spend around $250, but $350(max).

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