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My goal is to become fluent in Japanese. Currently, I reside in Atlanta, Ga, but I plan to travel to Japan in about a year or two. I am one of those people who believe that effectively learning a new language is by being immersed into it. Anybody who lives in an area where the language is spoken or used rarely, will know that the process is difficult to do. In this I will give 5 ways to immerse your self into a new language without needing having to leave your own location.

Example:日本語 “Japanese”

1) Change your phone setting to 日本語
-By changing your settings to another language, you’ll be able to see the language everyday or every time you use your phone. At first it may be bothersome, and you might find yourself switching languages often, but when you learn the words you’ll feel proud. You never know you might learn some words you never would have thought to look up, at least I did.
誕生日(birthday) Thanks Facebook
設定 Setting

2)Download an offline dictionary.
-(imiwa?) is a great app on iOS, that lets you translate words, lookup Kanji, and gives examples on how to use words in real sentences. This app may be on Andriod, but I’m not sure)

3)Use Siri in 日本語。
-You can use Siri on iPads, iPhones, and itouchs. Using Siri in your target language will help you work on clear pronunciation, as well as listening comprehension(sort of).

4) Location to Japan
When changing your location to the primary country language, you’ll have access to more apps, webpages, etc.,., by making it seem if your actually in that country. This works, especially when wanting to bypass region locks, but usually only works when your location isn’t verified by IP address.

5)Kanji tester.
- This actually depends on the language. Japanese has 3 different writing systems. The one that’s the hardest to learn is kanji, because majority of kanji have two meanings (Onyumi and Kunyumi). To learn kanji you have to memorize the words associated with it, which can also be used for other words or in compound words.

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